Heating & Cooling Products
One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® offers you an in-depth review of products so that you can make informed decisions on your home heating and air conditioning maintenance needs. Each and every day we strive to provide the level of professional service, unsurpassed honesty and integrity you expect from a service provider.

The following is a list of products we provide and service:

Air Conditioners Air Conditioners
Air conditioners are major appliances used for cooling purposes. They can be centralized systems delivering cool air to the entire house, or stand-alone systems designed to cool a specific area.

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Furnaces Furnaces
Furnaces are a major appliance often propelled by gas, and used for heating purposes.

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Heat Pumps Heat Pumps
Heat pumps are typically a heating and cooling appliance that is used to move heat from one location to another location using a mechanical means.

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Air Handlers Air Handler
Air handlers are an integral part of a heating and air conditioning system. It literally handles the air that is distributed throughout the home. Centrally located within your home, an air handler, which is made up of several parts, is used to move conditioned air throughout your home to specific locations.

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Indoor Air Quality Indoor Air Quality/Ductwork
Ductwork is the system of insulated pipes and channels within your home that delivers conditioned air to a specific location. Indoor air quality is the measurement and overall presence of particles and dust that can be distributed throughout a home through your duct system. By utilizing filtering systems, indoor air quality can be improved and dust minimized.

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Solar Air Conditioning
We are proud to exclusively offer the SolarCool Solar Thermal Air Conditioner. This system combines a state- of-the-art high-efficiency 2-stage air conditioning system integrated with a Proprietary Solar Thermal Collector Panel , creating the most energy-efficient Air Conditioning System available today!

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Thermostat Thermostats
Thermostats are devices that regulate the desired temperature in your home. Thermostats can come in several different styles and operating methods, with programmable ones being the most popular and efficient.

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