Our History
Pitzer's One Hour - Benjamin Frankling Plumbing - Arizona

Pitzer Air Conditioning & plumbing was started in 1969 by Jim Pitzer. As Lake Havasu was growing out of the desert, Pitzer Air Conditioning was doing it's part by putting air conditioning in all the new homes.

In 1979 Bob Slick moved here from Amherst, New Hampshire andbought the Company from Jim Pitzer. He ran the company for about four years before selling the company. In 1983 John & Jo Navaretta bought the company. It was at this time, because of John's strong service background, that a focus on providing service first began. John and Jo took the company to become the largest and most respected heating and air conditioning company in the greater Lake Havasu area. In mid 2000 Larry Thornton was brought in as a partner and general manager and a new emphasis on growing the service and replacement divisions beyond the borders of the Lake Havasu area was begun.

Bullhead City Opens!
Our first Acquisition was in November 2000 when we acquired Custom Comfort Heating & Cooling of Kingman. In January of 2001 we purchased CAN Air and their building on Highway 95 and opened our second office in Bullhead City.

Kingman Office Opens!
In the winter of 2004 negotiations began with Advantage Heating in Kingman and on June 21st, 2004, we officially acquired Advantage Heating and Simultaneously opened our new store on Kingman Avenue. Later that next spring we completed the acquisition of Economy Heating.

Prescott Valley Office Opens!
On February 1st, 2007, the fourth location was opened in Prescott Valley at a temporary location on E. 2nd Avenue. A building was purchased at 6363 Copper Hill Drive completely gutted, remodeled and opened in July of 2007.

At this time we serve all of Mohave county, most of Lapaz County, most of Yavapai County and Coconino County. Our service department is probably the largest in all of North-Western Arizona, which means we can provide same day emergency service over 90% of the time.

In our replacement department we have several full time representatives available to come to your home and discuss all of your options for replacing or upgrading your old, energy guzzling equipment. Because of our size and different national affiliations we are able to offer a wide range of products and competitive prices.

Most recently we have begun to offer indoor air quality options to our customers and have two trucks completely outfitted to clean ducts and install air purification products.
In January of 2011 we decided that rather than keep expanding by covering more territory that we would begin to offer additional services and purchased a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise from the same company that runs the One Hour Air Conditioning franchise.
Because both businesses operate with the same On-Time, Can’t Lose Philosophy, follow the same methods of customer service and have so many other similarities the Benjamin Franklin Franchise was a natural add-on. We currently service Mohave, Lapaz, Yavapai and Coconino counties.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Added!

Las Vegas Office Opens!
In November of 2015, we opened a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing office. We have rented a small office space of around 1,000 square feet but have remodeled it to make it a nice place to work. The team there works closely with the parent company owned One Hour Air Conditioning center, which is just down the street from our office. Together our two businesses are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service in the Las Vegas area.

Phoenix Office Opens!
10 years to the day from the opening of the office in Prescott, our 6th location opened in Phoenix, AZ. What had previously been two privately owned franchises was combined into a single One Hour Air Conditioning franchise in the Phoenix market under two different owners since 2011. The most recent owner, was Mike Brewer, who worked tirelessly to make sure the custoers were well taken care of in Phoenix. Mike also owns the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Franchise in the North half of the Phoenix Metro area. Mike has decided to focus on plumbing where he knows how to excel and partnered with the team at Pitzer’s One Hour Air Conditioning to take over the Phoenix operation, because they excel at the air conditioning side of the business!

Today the company now operates two brands, in 6 stores and is still focused on making sure our customers are more than satisfied!

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