What Is BioBen?
What is BioBen®? BioBen®, a natural biological drain line, septic and grease trap maintainer, is available in liquid or powder formulations, and performs without harmful chemicals or additives. 

BioBen® will keep systems clean and free-flowing by unleashing naturally occurring bacteria that thrive on the grease, oil, and stubborn organics found in every wastewater system.

BioBen® Liquid formulation has met the EPA’s DfE challenge for biological drain line and septic system products by demonstrating a more positive human health and environmental profile.

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The BioBen Process

BioBen®'s friendly bacteria eat away at greasy slime buildup and odorous residue, leaving your pipes and wastewater systems in top condition all year round when applied on a routine basis. It's safe for both humand handling and the environment.

For best results, apply BioBen® Liquid and Powder formulations during times of minimal water usage. See container label for complete instructions or ask your distributor for specific application guidelines.

Residential Applications
Preventive Maintenance: Use 1/2 capful of BioBen® Liquid, or mix 1 level scoop of BioBen® Powder in 1 pint of warm water. Treat drains monthly for optimal results.
Slow Drains: Use 1/2 capful of BioBen® Liquid, or mix 1 level scoop of BioBen® Powder in 1 pint of warm water. Apply each day for 5 days or until drain flows freely.
Septic Systems: Flush 1 quart (32 oz.) of BioBen® Liquid down the toilet immediately after pumping, or mix 1 container of BioBen® Powder with two gallons of warm water and add directly to the septic or flush down toilet.

Preventive Maintenance: Add 1 capful of BioBen® Liquid per week directly into drain.
Slow Drains: Add 1 capful of BioBen® Liquid directly into drain for 5 consecutive days or until drain flows freely.
Grease Traps: Apply 1 gallon of BioBen® Liquid per month directly into grease trap.

For best commercial results, ask your contractor to explain the benefits of a BioBen® Auto-Dispensing System to provide a carefree maintenance program for all commercial wastewater applications.